High School Fitness Group Sessions with Sculptor Fitness

Cascade FC has partnered with Sculptor Fitness to offer Cascade FC U14+ players group fitness sessions. These are Cascade player-only sessions and will have 3 goals in mind:

Increase overall player strength/condition/speed/agility

Help with player injury prevention

Ready players for their HS tryout fitness testing

"It's a lot of hard work but also super rewarding. I love having my teammates there." - Sam, B04 Green

"I love it because the workouts are hard, and I know I'll be ready for CFC and HS soccer." - Lily, G05 Green

Please contact Debby for session schedule during the school year.

Text or call - 425-502-1146

Parents can stay & workout! Simultaneously they offer 6pm Power Sculpt classes on Mon / Weds and 6pm Cardio Beats classes on Tuesday / Thursday. They will match kiddos pricing for adults classes🙌.

1123 Redmond-Fall City Road NE, Redmond, WA 98053 - Just 4 miles down road from CKMS