Leadership: Leading by example and inspiring others by our actions both on and off of the field.

Passion: Players striving for greatness in all areas of the game wearing the Cascade FC uniform proudly. CFC coaches have passion in all that we do from planning to delivering on the field. Parents supporting their child and the coaches at the club while following the CFC sideline expectations.

Commitment: Players committing to the club and working their hardest to be the best athlete they can be. Coaches committing to excellence when planning, coaching, communicating, reflecting and their commitment to the club. Parents committing and trusting the club and coaches with their child's development.

Mentality: Coaches and players strive to improve their mental strength every time they step foot on the field. Coaches develop competitive mindsets to ensure athletes have the right mentality when entering competition helping them win every battle in the game.

Integrity: Coaches are honest to their philosophy; putting player safety, player health and player development as a priority. Players are honest to themselves while following the CFC expectations and laws of the game. Parents hold themselves accountable when representing Cascade FC.