SnVYSA Recreational Registration Information


  • Registration for the "Recreational Season" opens on 4/1, and ends on 5/31 each year.
  • Anyone that registers after May 31st will be placed on a waitlist.
    • If waitlisted, you will be registered, but you will only be confirmed, charged, and placed on a team if there is space. You will be contacted by your club rep if there is availability.
    • There will also be a $50 late fee applied if you are added to a team.
  • Teams fill up quickly, so register early!


The registration fees have been confirmed by the board and can be reviewed below. If you incur a hardship due to the below fee structure, there are a couple of options for you and they will also be called out during the registration process.

  • We have a financial aid request form. Please review our Scholarship program to see if your child qualifies. Our program follows the same guidelines as the national school lunch program.
  • We do offer a payment plan if that fits your budget. There is an initial payment of one-half the fee with the balance being auto paid on the 1st of the following month. Keep in mind that your child will not be placed on a team until they have a zero balance and have been confirmed.
Micro Soccer Program
U06 Jan 1st 2015 thru Dec 31st 2015 $130
U07 Jan 1st 2014 thru Dec 31st 2014 $130
U08 Jan 1st 2013 thru Dec 31st 2013 $130
Mod Soccer Program
U09 Jan 1st 2012 thru Dec 31st 2012 $200
U10 Jan 1st 2011 thru Dec 31st 2011 $200
U11 Jan 1st 2010 thru Dec 31st 2010 $200
U12 Jan 1st 2009 thru Dec 31st 2009 $200
District Soccer Program
U13 Jan 1st 2008 thru Dec 31st 2008 $260
U14 Jan 1st 2007 thru Dec 31st 2007 $260
U15 Jan 1st 2006 thru Dec 31st 2006 $260
U16 Jan 1st 2005 thru Dec 31st 2005 $260
U17 Jan 1st 2004 thru Dec 31st 2004 $260
U18 Jan 1st 2003 thru Dec 31st 2003 $260
U19 Jan 1st 2002 thru Dec 31st 2002 $260

** New fee structure effective 2020 Fall Recreational season


  • Carnation Soccer Club - For more information contact Heather Lavallee
  • Duvall Soccer Club - For information contact David Lewis
  • Fall City Soccer Club - For information contact Marie Hahler
  • North Bend Soccer Club - For information contact Stephanie Barclay
  • Snoqualmie Soccer Club - For information contact Tasha Oney
  • Association Registrar - For general registration questions, or problems with the Online Registration process contact Karen Nieman