SnVYSA General Referee Information.

Welcome to Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association Referee's

SnVYSA always has a need for referees, both adult and youth referees. You can be a highly trained referee, never officated a single match, or have never even played a game of soccer before. We will help you get the necessary training to reach your goals. We believe that our officals should work as hard as our players to become the best they can be.

Important information with regards to being a Referee for SnVYSA.

  • New minimum Certification. WSRC has determined that the minimum licensing that they offer is a Grade 8. So in order to meet/follow the guidelines with our partnering associations this will be our new minimum bar for our referees. You will need to work with our Ref Admin ( if you have questions or concerns.
  • Current Grade 9's will need to upgrade their license to a Grade 8. If you are unable to attend the SnVYSA hosted clinic or one of the other Grade 8 Clinics, please contact the Ref Admin.

Below you will find some links to the handful of training oppertunities and information that we currenlty have scheduled or feel is important to the officating role.

If you have further or specific training or development questions, please send an email to

Register To Referee For 2019!

To get started as a referee, you must register as a referee with SnVYSA by clicking on the green button to register below. All referees are requied to complete Safe Sport training and complete the Risk Management Application process prior to beginning the referee assignment process. These steps are outlined in the SnVYSA volunteer registration.

Game Officials Referee Account creation

Once you have registered as a referee with SnVYSA, please go to the site and create an account.(Note: each referee has to create their own account under their own name). You will need to enter the information below which will link your account to our SnVYSA association account. We are still detailing the self assign process and will send you mail once we are closer to the beginning of the season. Games will not appear for self-assignment until mid-August each year. An email will be sent to all properly registered officials when the games become available.

New Account Creation: New Account
Group Number: 1456
Access Code: snvysaref

Questions? If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, contact


SnVYSA Needs Referees!!

We are always in need of adult and youth referees, for both our in-house matches (U9 through U12) and our district matches (U13 and older).

The Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association (SnVYSA) is looking for new soccer referees to work as head referees for its in-association soccer matches this fall. Did you know that you could earn up to $29 per match, for your work as a head referee, based on licensing and the current referee rates?

SnVYSA tries provides referees for all MOD (U09-U12) recreational games. Each season there is a shortage of referees to support these games. Each team is also accountable to identify a back-up referee that could be used in the event their match is not assigned an in-association referee. MICRO (U6-U8) recreational games will be refereed by a mutually agreed upon volunteer from the teams playing each other. It is recommended that the Coaches not be the referee.

Match Level

2019 Pay Scale

U9 and U10

$19 in-house trained $25 Grade 8 License

**If you referee 10 games you will receive a $100 bonus


$25 in-house trained $32.50 Grade 8 License

**If you referee 10 games you will receive a $100 bonus


$25 in-house trained $40 Grade 8 License

**If you referee 10 games you will receive a $100 bonus

NOTE 1: referees need to be 3 years older than team being officiated
NOTE 2: referees may not self-assign to officiate family member's matches

Benefits of being a soccer referee:

  • Good pay!
  • Outdoor exercise!
  • You get to pick the soccer matches that you want to work!
  • Learn important skills - responsibility, time management, event management, personal communication
  • Better understanding of the FIFA Laws of the Game for soccer
  • Can qualify for community service hours (if un-paid) for High School
  • USSF Grade 8 certificate referees can earn higher pay rates and work higher level soccer matches, and since the certificate can qualify you to work almost anywhere in the US as a referee, you could earn money while in college by working as a referee, around your school schedule

For more information, or to pre-register for referee training clinics, please contact the SnVYSA referee coordinator via email:

Information on the SnVYSA referee program can be found on-line at (