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2013 Team Schedules

Where you access your team schedule depends upon your team age level and division of play. Please see the following guidelines

U6 - U8: You may have received a Excel schedule from your club rep, if you did then use that. Otherwise, use your TeamStream account, or access thru SNVYSA/TEAMS/SCHEDULES

U9 - U10: Use your TeamStream account, or access thru SNVYSA/TEAMS/SCHEDULES

U11 - U12: Team schedules are managed on the EYSA website. Please go to www.eysareferees.org. to access your team schedule

If you used EYSAReferees.org last year to report scores, you are already registered for this year. You may log on and see your team(s) and schedule(s).· Otherwise, you need to register with EYSAReferees.org as a "coach" - www.eysareferees.org/register

  • Wait for a Welcome email to come back to you. We will process these as quickly as we can.
  • Click on the hyperlink in the Welcome email to create a password and complete the registration.
  • Now you can click on "Coach" in the left column and see your team(s).
  • Click on "Matches" under "Coach" to see your schedule.
  • To see the details of a match or enter the score of a match click on the "Match" number next to the match

U13 - U19: Team schedules are managed on the WYSAY District2 website. Please go to www.wsysad2.org

  • Click on leagues then schedules, you can use the criteria boxes to narrow the search
  • You can also use the EKCSRA site http://www.ekcsra.org (go to information then match inquiry, again use the criteria boxes). This site will show you the details of the game as well as tell you if you have a referee (and if applicable AR).
2013 Coach Code of Contact

2013 Coaches Code of Conduct (For our Recreational Coaches and Volunteers)

The Board of Directors of Snoqualmie Youth Soccer Association is concerned about the conduct of all coaches and referees during games at all levels, from recreational to premier. We want to ensure that games are fair, positive and enjoyable experiences for all of the children and adults involved. To clarify expectations of coach conduct, we jointly expect all coaches to conform to this code of conduct.

With regard to players, the Coach will:

  • Contribute to the overall success, physical, and athletic growth of the player through participation in soccer and aspiring to the following goals
  • Endeavor to be a good instructor and a positive role model for team players.
  • Believe that the score of a game comes second to the safety and welfare of all players.
  • Endeavor to put winning in its proper perspective.
  • Be accountable for understanding and competing within the letter and the spirit of the Laws of the Game.
  • Teach players to understand and play within the letter and spirit of the Laws, as well.

With regard to opposing teams, the Coach will:

  • Ensure that their players conducts themselves positively
  • Endeavor to portray the team as a positive role model.
  • Not coach, nor allow players to play, with intent to cause injury to opposing players.
  • Will model positive sideline behavior and will ensure that team players, parents and spectators display positive behavior towards opposing players.
  • Will emphasize winning without boasting and losing without bitterness.

With regard to Referees, the Coach:

  • Understands and values that Referees, just as coaches and players, are attempting to do their best.
  • Will instill in his/her players, parents and spectators a respect for that fact.
  • Understands that their attitude and sideline behavior will influence other players, parents and spectators.
  • Will display a controlled and undemonstrative attitude toward the Referee(s) at all times.
  • After the game, will thank the Referee and will ask team players to do the same.

In summary, coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and the spectators on their side of the field, specifically as it relates to the referee, coaches, players and spectators on the other team. Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Coaches who don't follow the expectations described above may be subjected to disciplinary action from the SnVYSA Disciplinary committee, and could face suspension or being removed as a coach.

A soccer game should be friendly and unifying - a spirited social and athletic occasion for players, coaches, referees, parents and spectators. We thank you for your time and dedication with working with your teams and look forward to your partnership in ensuring that we have another fabulous season!

See you on the pitch!

Coach General


Big thanks to those of you who have stepped up and decided to coach this year! Please continue to reference the "Coaches' Corner" for training & education, hot topics, and drills repository. As always, if you have questions about practice schedules, game schedules, uniforms, etc - please contact your City Club Registrar (see Contact Us).

General Announcements
  • Calling All Volunteers

    Posted March 18, 2014

    There are plenty of volunteer positions open for the 2014/2015 season.  For more information, please email board@snvysa.org

    Board - Referee Coordinator

    Board - VP Development

    Board - Treasurer

    Clubs - Coaches for all age-levels

    Clubs - Referees !!!

  • Winter & Spring Camps

    Posted February 1, 2014

    In partnership with UK Elite, the Association has updated the Winter/Spring soccer camp and academy schedule for the 2014/2015 season.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and these camps are open to all players.  For more information, please click the Player's Corner/Player Development link on our home page.

Recreation League Touraments

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FMEJSC Turkey Jamboree - Nov 23rd, 24th, 25th

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