There are several development paths you can take as part of your Coaching career. Here's a quick guide to help you plan your journey!

Just begining: You may begin with "In Association" level training if this is your first venture into the coaching arena. SnVYSA partners with UK Elite and holds clinics in the summertime to provide a basis overview of soccer, key techniques to teach your players, and arms you with several games and drills to make the practices fun!

Profient & Ready for More: For the coaches that started with U6/U7 teams, or if you're beginning your coaching journey with players that are a little older - it's time to acquire your "E" level license or equivalent.

Striving for Continual Improvement: "D" level license or equivalent. The sky is the limit, you can become certified thru National A level, and be tooled to train at the college level if this is your passion.

Training & Certification Opportunities

Coach E License Certification (required for U10 and older teams)
Certification is required to be achieved by at least the head coach for all U10 and older age levells. The association will reimburse you for your fees upon proof of passing the class.

Please use this link to see where USSF E license certification will be held in surrounding cities.

NSCAA Junior Level 6 Training (recommended for U9 and up teams)

We are excited to announce that SnVYSA will be hosting a NSCAA Junior Level 6 for all of our Recreational and Cascade FC coaches. This is the equivalent of a USSF D license certification, and is HIGHLY recommended if you coach U12 and above. This certification will be re-funded by the association - all you have to do is complete the program and send your certificate of completion to your Club Representative for processing.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: http://www.nscaa.com/course-registration/5839

COURSE INFO: http://www.nscaa.com/user_images/education/courses/140328-L6-FallCityWA.pdf

PRICE: $150


* Friday Mar 28th: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Fall City Fire Station)

* Sat Mar 29th: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Fall City Valley Christian Assembly Soccer Fields)

* Sun Mar 30th: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Fall City Valley Christian Assembly Soccer Fields)

Course Description:

This Diploma is an excellent preparatory course for coaches going onto the National Diploma. One third of the course is dedicated to candidates presenting on assigned topics and enjoying feedback on their performance in both methods and content. The course is aimed at coaches who are coaching U9 and up, and also coaches who may wish to coach select in the near future. Expanding upon the content of the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas this course includes a session on planning sessions, reading the game as well as coaching technique and tactics within 4 vs.4 and 6 vs. 6 models of play.*No pre-requisite*

U6 thru U18 FREE CLINICs:

There will be a FREE Coaching Clinic for U6 thu U18 Coaches, provided by UK Elite in July 2013. All coaching levels are welcomed to attend...this includes coaches that fall within the range of "never coached before" to "coached a little last year and liked it a lot". The clinic will provide an overview of how to plan your practice session, and give you tips on age appropriate drills/games that you can run as part of your practice session. Even seasoned coaches may want to attend - it's always interesting to see what drills you can 'cherry pick' for your own practices :-).

  • U6-U8 July 17 6:00-7:30pm Fall City Elementary School
  • U8-U10 July 24 6:00-7:30pm Fall City Elementary School
  • U10+ July 31 6:00-7:30pm Fall City Elementary School

Please RSVP to vpdevelopment@snvysa.org to reserve your spot.

NW Coaches Clinic

There are several venues where you can continuously expand your coaching education. Please see the offering and registration form by the NW Coaches Clinic. Click here for a link to the NW Soccer program site to review the various individual, team and coach development programs that they will be offering this summer.