There are several development paths you can take as part of your coaching career. Here is a quick guide to help you plan your journey!

Just Beginning: You may begin with "In Association" level training if this is your first venture into the coaching arena. SnVYSA partners with UK Elite and holds clinics during July and/or August to provide a basic overview of soccer, key techniques to teach your players, and arms you with several games and drills to make the practices fun! There are 3 training sessions as follows:

•U11 and older (this will incorporate the 9v9 and 11v11 teams)

• U9/U10


Proficient and Ready for More: For the coaches that started with U6/U7 teams, or if you are beginning your coaching journey with players that are a little older, it is time to acquire your "E" level license or equivalent.

Striving for Continual Improvement: This is the "D" level license or equivalent. The sky is the limit, you can become certified through the National A level, and be tooled to train at the college level if this is your passion.

Training & Certification Opportunities

SnVYSA In-House Coaching Clinics for 2018

All clinics will be held at Jeanne Hansen Community Park (on Snoqualmie Ridge) on Field #3 (grass). The clinics will be presented by the professional coaching staff of UK Elite and will be held from 6:00PM-7:30PM. We encourage ALL coaches to attend their particular age group session, whether or not you have attended in the past and/or whether or not you already have coaching certification(s). This is a great opportunity to meet other coaches also coaching your age group and form "community".

There is no fee to attend these sessions. We understand that we cannot meet everyone's scheduling needs and that you might have a conflict with the date of your age group clinic. If that is the case, please attend the next best clinic for your team. The information to be received is very helpful and can easily be altered to fit your team's needs.

July 18, 2018 ... clinic for coaches of U11 and older teams

July 25, 2018 ... clinic for coaches of U9 and U10 teams

August 1, 2018 ... clinic for coaching of U6, U7 and U8 teams

If you have any questions, please email SnVYSA VP Competition, Char Yotz, at vpcompetition@snvysa.org or SnVYSA VP Development, Santa Krieble, at vpdevelopment@snvysa.org.

Coaching Certifications ... NEW effective the 2018 season (updated 5/18/18):

Certification/licensing is required to be achieved by at least the head coach for all U11 and older age levels. The minimum requirement for U11 and U12 is a '9v9 in person' Grassroots course. The minimum requirement for U13 and older teams is a '11v11 in person' Grassroots course. SnVYSA recreational coaches will be reimbursed for the cost of the course required upon successful completion and presentation of the course certificate awarded.

  • Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) Coaching Education Offerings: Information on courses offered through US Soccer and WYS can be found at http://washingtonyouthsoccer.org under the Coaches tab/Coaching Education/Course Schedule. Registration for courses is now on the Digital Coaching Center (DCC) platform. Coaches must register with the site and take a brief (20 minutes) module - Introduction to Grassroots Coaching - before being able to sign up for courses.

·Courses are available (1) by attending 'in person' and (2) online.

·Courses offerred are 11v11, 9v9, 7v7 and 4v4. Currently only 4v4 is being offered online.

·The online courses has minimal fees, the 4v4 being $25.00.

ALL coaches of 7v7 or 4v4 teams are highly encouraged to attend the in person course or take the online course for the age group they are coaching. The fee for these courses will be reimbursed upon successful completion and presentation of the course certificate awarded.

  • United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) Offerrings: You can find a complete schedule of current courses being offered by clicking here . For U11 and older teams the requirement is the 11v11 Diploma.