August Hot Topics

Finishing and Goal Scoring:

A common theme and problem many youth teams have is putting the ball in the back of the net. We spend many hours of practice developing technique, tactical knowledge and teaching our players to possess the ball, and then when it comes to the final 18 yards, many players find it hard to score.

One of the main mistakes coaches make is not putting players in game realistic finishing activities and also not integrating finishing into other drills and activities. Finishing activities and sessions need to involve quick combinations, pressure, varying angles and distances, and need to be performed at a high tempo.

Attached are some various sessions from the 'Elite Coaching Magazine' and also 'Success in Soccer'. Each session puts players in game like scenarios leading up to finishing on goal. The sessions highlight the importance of including the build-up play to a shot on goal, varying angles and distances and teaching creative combinations to create opportunities to shoot.