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1.  When does registration start and end? What if I register after the deadline?
Registration for the fall season starts on April 1st and ends on May 31st.   If you register or pay-in-full after the deadline (June 1st) you will have to pay a $50 late penalty fee in addition to the registration fee for your child's playing division. Additionally your child will be put on a waitlist and added to a team on an as-available basis. No new teams will be formed for late registrations.

2.  What level should my child play at?
The “level” that one decides to participate does not depend on their age but rather, their child’s competition or ability level – so, a “Rec” level player would prefer to play a recreational level of play vs. a player who would prefer a more competitive level of play would prefer to play or try out for “Select”. For more information on this “level” of competition, please reference the Cascade FC page at Clubs: CASCADE FC

3.  What age level should my child play at? 
Your child will be placed by their birth year.  You can reference the age chart by birth year by CLICKING HERE.

4.  I have a 4 year old, can he/she play in the recreational program?
Unfortunately, the association has reached maximum capacity for field availability and as such can only accomodate a certain number of teams.  As of 2014, we no longer support a U5 division for our 4 year old players.  There are several efforts in flight to focus on improving our existing field inventory and increasing field options.  Please follow our progress and field development throughout the year.

5.  I have a player that would like to play in an age-group different than what his/her birthday allows, can he/she "Play-Up" a year?
A player can request to play-up one age group. However any such request will be considered on an individual basis and consideration to play-up will be based on the following factors:

a.) There is room in the older age group for the move. No age appropriate player will be removed or denied placement on a team if they register on time, to make room for someone requesting to play-up.

b.) The reason for the request - if your player is placed in a higher grade level in school for their age bracket and they are requesting to play with other players in their same grade.

c.) The effect that the move will have on an existing team. If your player is already assigned to a team, and then decides to 'play-up', having that player move to another team cannot jeopardize the viability of the original assigned team.

If there is no room in the older age group, the player may elect to be placed on a wait list (there is no guarantee that the player will be placed at the older age group level), or they may elect to play at their same age group level.

6.  Can I request a specific coach?
For U11 and up teams, those teams will remain with their prior year coach/team whenever possible.  For the U6 - U10 teams there is no guarantee for team or coach assignments.  In general, recreational teams at U12 and younger are formed based on school and geography (town you live in). Recreational teams at U13 and older are formed based on numbers and may be comprised of players from multiple towns. Coaches will be announced with your team assignment.

7.  Can I roll-up with my coach and team year after year?
For U6/U7/U8 ages: There is no guarantee that teams will be kept together. At this level, teams are formed based on school and geography.
For U9 and up: Every effort is made to keep teams together based on coaches and number of players returning.

8.  What days are practices/games typically on?
Typically, U6-U8 practices and games are in the evenings during the week, and U9 and up have practices during the week and games on Saturdays.

9.  Where do the teams practice and play games?
It depends on the club, please reference the Rec. Program Overview page for geographical boundaries.

10.  When does the season officially start, and how long is the season?
Coaches will receive their rosters and contact the team members in July.  Practices can officially begin August 1st.

  • Games for U6/U7/U8: begin the day after Labor Day and the season is typically 5 weeks, where teams will play 2 games per week (Mon-Fri)
  • Games for U9 and up: begin the on the first Saturday after Labor Day. The season is roughly 10 weeks with 10 games.  
    • GU9 - GU15 and BU9 - BU13 usually play on Saturdays. 
    • GU16-GU19 and BU14-BU19 usually play on Sundays.  NOTE: Due to field availability issues and weather, LWYSA and NYSA clubs have informed us that they may have to move some of the November matches to earlier in the season.  This could mean that if you are playing a team from one of those clubs, then expect some mid-week matches too. 

11.  What does my fee cover?
It covers insurance, field fees, equipment, port-a-potties, administration fees, state fees, team shirts (U6-U10), etc.  As of 2015, the registration fees increased as a direct result of field development fees so the association could acquire additional playing fields for our teams.

12.  Is there financial assistance available?
Yes, families may qualify based on the Scholarship process. Please click here to access the Registration Scholarship form Scholarship Form

13.  What is the Jamboree?
Jamboree is an annual SnVYSA soccer event to kick off the season. The Jamboree also includes fund raising booths and there is a mini-tournament for the U6/U7/U8 teams. Jamboree details differ from club to club, so please refer to your city Club Representative (Snoqualmie, North Bend, Duvall, Carnation, Fall City) for more information on dates/times.

14.  What is the concussion form and why must my child have a signed one on file in order to play?
On July 26th 2009, Washington State House Bill 1842 (also known as the Zackery Lystedt Law) went into effect. This law directly affects Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association head injury policies and our player registration process. Click Here for more information on Washington State Concussion Compliance.

15.  Why do you need to know if my child has played outside the United States on the player registration form?
Effective 2018, as part of the FIFA worldwide mandate, countries are required to start collecting player data and setup National Data Centers.  Each player will be issued a unique ID number that will stay with the player for their entire playing life.  US Soccer is in the process of setting up its National Data Center for the USA market through US Soccer Connect.  To learn more about the platform, please visit US Soccer Connect.

16.  Should my child have a FIFA ID and a USSF ID number as part of player registration?
No, these two fields are not required to be filled in during player registration unless your child has been issued a FIFA and USSF ID number.

17.  Why do you ask for country of citizenship and country of birth on the player registration form?
Effective 2018, as part of the FIFA worldwide mandate, countries are required to start collecting player data and setup National Data Centers.  US Soccer is in the process of setting up its National Data Center for the USA market through US Soccer Connect.  And this information is being used to determine if a player needs an International Transfer Certificate.  This information is not being reported to authorities, US Soccer is just following FIFA regulations.

18.  What are the volunteer opportunities available?
a.) Coaches (at all ages)
Description: Teach the game of soccer to kids - ensuring that they understand the game AND have a good time!

b.) Club Representatives (Carnation, Duvall, Fall City, North Bend, Snoqualmie)
Description: Contact last year's coaches to determine how many will continue, Ensure all new coaches have completed Coaching Applications and RMA clearance forms.

c.) Jamboree Coordinator

d.) Jamboree Volunteers
Description: Organizes Jamboree activities to include photo and mini game schedules (U6-U8) and may include player and/or family activities and fundraiser.

e.) Field Manager/Coordinator
Description: Schedules time slots for all practices, U7 games, and coordinates practice field scheduling of older teams. Recruits and coordinates volunteers to lay out and line fields at the start of the season, early August. Coordinates volunteers to regularly line the fields throughout the season. Brings ideas to Club Rep. for field improvements.

f. ) Equipment Manager
Description: Sorts used gear and orders new equipment from the Club Rep. Assembles kits for all teams consisting of a mix of old and new equipment to be distributed to the Coaches in early August. Checks goal nets for repair/purchase. Collects gear from coaches at the end of their season.

g.) Coach Liaison
Description: Recruits and supports new coaches as needed. Mediates coaches / players / parents conflicts should such arise.

h.) Referee Coordinator
Description: Recruits new referees for the FIFA certification program. Conducts basic referee training for parents and youth involved in refereeing at the younger age categories. Schedules referee assignments at the older age categories

19.   What are the teams division levels and the structure of teams?
Please refer to the Rec. Program Overview for details.

20.   I have a change in contact info, how do I get this updated?
If any of your contact information should change you can go into your account by clicking on the Member Login screen at the top of the Home screen.  Select the member you want to update under ‘Member Profiles’ on the right. Update the info you want to update and the select ‘Save Changes’. Any notification, alerts, updates that are sent by SNVYSA will now be sent to your contact info, be it email, phone, etc. Your username is based off of your Email address when you first create/register with Bonzi. This is how you continue to access your Bonzi account going forward for any future Event registrations. If you need to change your username to assist you in keeping your accounts straight, please send mail to with your Full name, Username(Old Email address), New Username(New Email address you just updated) and they will assist you in getting this updated for you.

Parent Quick Links!

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Standard Uniform Kits

Standard uniform kits are required for ALL U11 thru U19 age brackets. Please see your coach or team manager for details.  If you have additional questions on the process, please contact



If it RAINS play is "OK"

For SNOW, play if lines show

But LIGHTNING is FRIGHTENING, off the fields you must GO!!

See the SnVYSA Ligntning Policy

Jewelry - Just a reminder jewelry of any kind is NOT permitted to be worn during soccer practices or matches. If earrings cannot be removed, for any reason, the player cannot play. Taping of earrings is NOT an acceptable alternative to removing them.

Shinguards - are required for all practices and matches and must be completely covered by socks. If a player does not have shinguards, they do not play. No exceptions!