General Information

General Information

Cascade FC is SnVYSA's advanced development program and has been charged by SnVYSA to administer its premier program for the entire Association. SnVYSA offers its youth players the opportunity to become members of competitive teams, whose skills will be enhanced, and whose members will be challenged through play at the highest competitive level available.

Who plays soccer at levels higher than recreational soccer?

All players have the opportunity to try out for a Cascade FC team regardless of the level they played soccer the year prior.

How is the team chosen?

A Cascade FC team is comprised of an avergae of 16 (high school aged teams may have 20) players who have been chosen in open tryouts. They are players whose skill and dedication are at a level more competitive than may be available to them through club recreational teams.

How Can You Tell You Are A Candidate For A Select Team?

  1. You probably want to play more soccer than some of your friends
  2. You like to learn new things
  3. You find you are more skilled than some of your teammates/friends
  4. You enjoy the game more when you play with more competitive and skilled players

Some Reasons Why A Cascade FC Team May Be What You Are Looking For:

  1. Coaching: The upcoming season's coaching staff is submitted to the SnVYSA BOD each year by the Cascade FC Coaching Director no later than the April BOD meeting for confirmation/ratification. These coaches are dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching individual skills, group tactics and teamwork. They are required to hold minimum age appropriate Coaching Licenses and are encouraged to continue improving their coaching skills by advancing to the next license level. This elevated level of coaching provides the opportunity for the players to receive the quantity and quality of instruction needed during practice sessions that are both fun and well organized. Coaches are monitored and assessed on a regular basis and are offered help and opportunities for their continued growth in the sport.
  2. Longer playing season: The Cascade FC soccer season is comprised of: (a) Tryouts in March or April/May; (b) preparations and play in a minimum of 3 summer tournaments; (c) 12+ week fall playing season (September-December); (d) 12 week winter playing season (high school aged girls U15-U19); (e) 8 week spring season for boys and girls U9 through U14; (f) participation in Washington Cup tournament played ast the conclusion of the spring season (generally April).
  3. Travel: Playing at this level provides many opportunities for players to compete with teams from across the state as well as in tournaments in other states and British Columbia. League play is normally confined to Western Washington, but there are those occasions when a team will travel to Eastern Washington.
  4. Competition: As a member of a Cascade FC team you will be playing alongside your skilled teammates against equally capable teams from around the state. In doing so you will see your own skills and tactical ability improve with each game. As your playing ability grows, you will find increased enjoyment and enthusiasm for the game.

General Tryout Information

Which Age Group Can I Attend?

Your age on July 31st of the current year must be less than the team you are trying out for. (i.e., a player 12 years of age on July 31st of that year will try out for U13.)

Cascade FC Policy on Playing Up: For players contemplating trying out for an older team, please be aware of the following:

* U9 and U10 teams - younger player must place in the top 5

* U11 through U14 teams - younger player must place in the top half of the total number of players taken onto a team

* U15 through U19 teams - dependent on individual team needs

Special circumstances may exist that would warrant additional consideration. Any such consideration would be on a case by case basis by the Club Administrator (and possibly the SnVYSA BOD) and would not set precedent for other situations or future circumstances.

What Happens At Tryouts?

The first day you will be assigned a distinctive jersey, which you will wear during each tryout session. Evaluators consist of independent qualified people from the soccer community. All players will participate in the same drills, small-sided games and full field scrimmages. In this way each player will be seen by all the tryout judges a number of times. The tryouts are conducted to be as fair and impartial to all players as possible. Selection is to be based on the performances at the tryout sessions.

What Else Should I Know About Tryouts?

The tryout schedule will be posted to the SnVYSA website as it becomes available each year. Notification of upcoming tryouts will be advertised in the Valley newspapers. Online pre-registration is required in order to adequately plan the number of evaluators needed for each age group. Please arrive early enough to sign-in, get a jersey assigned and warm-up before the tryout start time. Please come prepared to play soccer. That means bring clothing, soccer shoes and required shinguards and the desire to work hard. There are no grandfathered spots and this is your opportunity to show the evaluators your desire to be on a team and your skills. Dress appropriately for the weather and have something warm to put on during breaks in play.

There will be two (2) scheduled tryout sessions (additional sessions may be added depending on numbers). At the beginning of the tryout session the coach and evaluators will be introduced. The activities of the day's session will be explained and any questions, from either players or parents, will be answered at that time. We understand that there may be conflicts between the tryout schedule and other events. You should try to attend every tryout session listed. It is in a player's best interest to attend all scheduled sessions. The location of the tryout DOES NOT indicate the team's home field or where team practices will be held. Home fields and practice locations will be determined after the team is formed and will be based on where players live, field availability and the level of competition for which the team qualifies.

Player and Parent Commitment:

Cascade FC teams require a higher level of financial support and time commitment on the part of the coaches, players and parents than do recreational soccer teams. Cascade FC teams are self-supporting. Individual player assessments vary from team to team.

Following is a brief outline of what a parent and player can expect by participation on a select team:

Typically, teams begin practicing after tryouts are concluded, the registration process and initial team planning meetings are completed/concluded and all required paperwork has been submitted.

Tournaments are held at various locations throughout the state from April through Labor Day and a team generally participates in at least three tournaments. The location and number of tournaments varies team by team depending on what the coach and parents decide. While many tournaments are local, teams typically enter at least one tournament requiring overnight travel.

The Cascade FC soccer season is split into fall and spring seasons and includes post-season Washington Cup play. Season play generally involves traveling within 1.5 hour radius of 'home', but may involve a team from anywhere in Western Washington and, on rare occasions, from Eastern Washington.

Breaks are built in depending on when one season ends and the next season begins. Some teams opt to play indoor soccer during the off times. This is separate and apart from the Cascade FC program and is made on a team by team basis.

Special Note to Players and Parents:

When your son/daughter began playing soccer a few years ago or more, it was probably on a neighborhood recreational team where everyone had about the same ability. But everyone improves at a different pace. Cascade FC exists for the purpose of helping players develop their individual and collective abilities. It is the firm belief of all of the SnVYSA Clubs that every player should give themselves the opportunity to test those abilities. It is also SnVYSA policy that no player should be discouraged by anyone (coach or parent) from trying out for a higher level of soccer. The SnVYSA believes it is our job as adult volunteers to help encourage our young people to challenge themselves and thereby extend their abilities in as much way as possible. We sincerely solicit your support to join us in trying to achieve that result.

Cascade FC Costs and Fees

Participating in ADP costs more than the recreational program. Here is an estimate for the fees and expenses to expect:

Tryout Fee: $10.00 (nonrefundable)

Tryout Sign-up: Registration Form on Tryouts page
SnVYSA Registration Fee - 2014-2015 -- $470.00
Cascade FC registration fee - $275.00
Cascade FC nonrefundable administration fee - $195.00

Team Assessment

Variable. Typically dependent upon number of tournaments entered, gym and artificial turf practices, field lights, first aid supplies, keeper gear, reimbursement for coach expenses, goalkeeper training, CFC team camp, other team expenses (the total amount will vary according to each team's goals and objectives)
$225.00 (approx)
Coach Stipend
Monthly stipend per player is dependent on age group and coach's license level. Range is between $35.00 and $75.00 per month.