Cascade FC Tryout Information


Tryouts for all age groups are now concluded. If you missed them and would like information on a specific age group's availability, please email your request to The majority of Cascade FC teams also play Spring League (approx February through April) and do often have openings on their rosters. If you are interested, please email in January.

Tryouts for 2015 are expected to start on or about May 1st. We look forward to seeing you then ... if not sooner.

2014 Qualifying Age Categories

  1. U9 born on or after 08-01-2005
  2. U10 born on or after 08-01-2004
  3. U11 born on or after 08-01-2003
  4. U12 born on or after 08-01-2002
  5. U13 born on or after 08-01-2001
  6. U14 born on or after 08-01-2000
  7. U15 born on or after 08-01-1999
  8. U16 born on or after 08-01-1998
  9. U17 born on or after 08-01-1997
  10. U18 born on or after 08-01-1996
  11. U19 born on or after 08-01-1995

Cascade FC Policy on Playing Up

For players contemplating trying out for an older team, please be aware of the following:

  • U9 and U10 teams - younger player must place in the top 5
  • U11 through U14 teams - younger player must place in the top half of the total number of players taken onto a team
  • U15 through U19 teams - dependent on individual team needs

NOTE: For U9 through U14 players, if you plan to tryout for an older age group, you must also attend at least one session at your true age.

Special circumstances may exist that would warrant additional consideration. Any such consideration would be on a case by case basis by the Club Administrator (and possibly the SnVYSA BOD) and would not set precedent for other situations or future circumstances.

What Is Required for Tryouts?

1. Shinguards (mandatory)

2. Field-appropriate shoes (sessions will be on grass and/or turf fields; molded cleats are good for turf surfaces)

3. Water (only water is permitted on the turf fields)

4. Weather appropriate clothing (dress in layers)

5. Copy of birth certificate (if player did not play for Cascade FC last fall)

6. $30.00 made payable to SnVYSA if player did not play under Washington Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer during the 2013/2014 season (indoor soccer, CYO, Boys & Girls Club and/or school soccer does not qualify; this is a mandatory registration fee and not a tryout fee)

7. Do not wear any clothing or uniform pieces from present or past teams that in any way identifies the team or club.

8. No jewelry is allowed. Tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. Please leave ALL jewelry at home.

What Should Players Expect?

1. Each age group will have two 1.5 hour tryout sessions. A third session may be scheduled to ensure the evaluators get a chance to see everyone.

2. The team coaches from the age group will be running the sessions with independent outside evaluators and other Cascade FC head coaches evaluating all players on a numerical standard from 1 (low) to 5 (high). (See Bylaws, Article XII, for more specific info.)

3. Player scores are logged into a computer, and an average score is generated for each player.

4. U12 and older teams may have as many players rostered as allowed by US Club Soccer but only a maximum of 18 players may be rostered on a game day roster; U11 teams will have a roster of 13-14 players; U10 teams will have a maximum roster of 14 players; U9 will have a maximum roster of 12 players.

5. All players will be notified of their placement via their tryout number being posted on the website and/or by the team coach.