SnVYSA Needs Referees!!

We are always in need of adult referees and youth referees ages 13+.

The Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association (SnVYSA) is looking for new soccer referees to work as head referees for its in-association soccer matches this fall. Did you know that you could earn up to $29 per match, for your work as a head referee, based on the current referee rates?

SnVYSA tries provides referees for all MOD (U09-U11) recreational games. Each season there is a shortage of referees to support these games. Each team is also accountable to identify a back-up referee that could be used in the event their match is not assigned an in-association referee. MICRO (U6-U8) recreational games will be refereed by a mutually agreed upon volunteer from the teams playing each other. It is recommended that the Coaches not be the referee.

Match level

Current pay rate

U9 (8 year old players)

$14 per match

U10 (9 year old players)

$17 per match

U11 (10 year old players)

$22 per match

U12 (11 year old players)

$23 per match

U13 (12 year old players)

$29 per match

(Note: Referees must be at least 2 years older than the players )

Benefits of being a soccer referee:

  • Good pay!
  • Outdoor exercise!
  • You get to pick the soccer matches that you want to work!
  • Learn important skills - responsibility, time management, event management, personal communication
  • Better understanding of the FIFA Laws of the Game for soccer
  • Can qualify for community service hours (if un-paid) for High School
  • USSF Grade 8 certificate referees can earn higher pay rates and work higher level soccer matches, and since the certificate can qualify you to work almost anywhere in the US as a referee, you could earn money while in college by working as a referee, around your school schedule

For more information, or to pre-register for referee training clinics, please contact the SnVYSA referee coordinator via email:

Information on the SnVYSA referee program can be found on-line at (

Referee Quick Links

For general referee questions and issues please email

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