Referee Quick Tips


  • Referee Note Card is great reference for any referee and coach to keep in their binder. Gives you the details for field dimensions, playing time, and basic rules for U6 the U18 divisions. 2013 SnVYSA Referee Notecard

Important Note for Paid Referees - No Direct Relations to Coach/Players requirement

  • SnVYSA does not pay referees if they work a U9 level or higher match where a direct family member (parent or older sibling is a coach, or a family child or sibling as player) is participating in the match

Referee Mentoring

  • All new referees should try to work at least one jamboree "mini-match" on August 25th during the Fall City/Carnation/Duvall jamboree where a mentor, or experienced referee completes a "referee observation form". Jamboree game time/location sign-up sheets will be provided at the 2nd clinic session, and also at the fields on the day of the jamboree

Player cards

  • WSYSA is NOT requiring picture player identification cards at all recreational matches. Only recreational teams playing in the President's Cup tournament (state recreational team tournament) will be required to get player cards from their associations.

Exceptions to WSYSA Rules of Competition

  • SnVYSA has adopted the following changes or modifications to the WSYSA rules of competition for micro and modified (U9-U11) levels of play within the association:

No punting of the ball by a goalie (U8, U9 and U10 levels)

  • No goalie can punt the ball after making a save on a shot on goal. The goalie can throw the ball to a teammate with their hands, or they can place the ball on the ground (it will become a live ball) and then play the ball with their feet.
  • (Note: U6 and U7 level rules do not allow the use of a goalie that can play the ball with his/her hands, while U11 and higher levels allow the goalie to punt the ball.)

No slide tackling allowed for in-house (within association) matches at U6 - U10 levels

  • There is no slide tackling allowed at any U10 level and lower in-house games involving SnVYSA teams.
  • Note: For U11 and higher level matches, including matches where a SnVYSA team is playing a home match against a team from another association, such as the Issaquah Soccer Club (ISC) or the Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA), slide tackling is allowed.

Mercy Rule (U9 and U10 levels)

  • If one team goes ahead by 5 goals during a match, one player on the winning team shall be removed from the match. If the goal differential increases to 8 goals, one player for the losing team shall be added to the field, so that the losing team is playing with 2 more players then the winning team. If the goal differential is reduced back to 2 goals, then both teams will return to using the number of players specified by the WSYSA rules of competition.

No Jewelry on Players

  • For safety reasons, no player shall be allowed to participate in a soccer match wearing any jewelry on them, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Medical information bracelets can be left on, as long as they are taped down. There are no exceptions.
  • If earrings cannot be removed, for any reason, the player cannot play. Taping of earrings is NOT an acceptable alternative to removing them.
  • Leather and rubber bracelets (such as the rubber yellow "Live Strong" bracelets, and various forms of leather "friendship" bracelets) are a form of adornment and are therefore jewelry and CANNOT be worn.

No Casts /Splints on Players

  • Also for safety reasons, a player shall NOT be allowed to participate in a soccer match wearing a cast, splint or other hard protective device. Wrapping these devices in softer material does not make them acceptable for play. Soft bandages or wraps (by themselves) are allowed (for example: ace bandage).