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Welcome to Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association Referee's

SnVYSA always has a need for referees both adult and youth referees. You can be a highly trained referee, never officated, or never even played a game of soccer before. We will help you get the necessary training to reach your goals. We believe that our officals should work as hard as our players to become the best they can be.

Below you will find some links to the handful of training opportunities and information that we currenlty have scheduled or feel is important to the officating role.

If you have further or specific training or development questions, please send an email to

Referee Clinic Reimbursement policy

  • Register for a Grade 8 Referee clinic and pay the necessary fees.
  • Email the receipt to showing the course and amount.
  • Work 10 matches for SnVYSA by self-assigning.
  • Email after you have completed your 10th match.
  • The Ref Admin will submit the reimbursement to the treasurer and let you know when you should expect the reimbursement payment. This may depend on how you are getting paid for your matches. (Bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc)
Hosted Grade 8 Referee Clinic.

USSF Grade 8 Referee Training - this is the minimum requirement to be an offical in our program. Info for summer 2018:

Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association will be hosting a USSF Grade 8 Referee Clinic August 7th and 8th for new Referees. This training is limited to 25 attendees, so get registered soon.

  • General Info: Grade 8 Referee Clinic
  • Where: Snoqualmie Ridge Community Park (YMCA and Community Park fields)
  • Time: 7th: 6:00-10:00 PM; 8th: 5:30-9:30 PM Both sessions required
  • Cost: $70.00 ($15.00 clinic fee plus $55.00 USSF registration ). See Reimbursement statement here.
  • Registration Instructions:
    Go to
    • Click on Clinics and Events
    • In the dropdown choose Become a Referee: Never been ...
    • Scroll down to the Snoqualmie Course - there are 2 links ... Info and Register ... click Register

Minimum age recommendation is 13 years old.

IMPORTANT: Clinic Instructions

Pre-registration and completion of online material is REQUIRED.

  • Cut off date for registration - August 4th.
  • Online lessons need to be completed by August 5th at 8pm PST. Please confirm that your course info for the online material in your profile says "ONLINE COMPLETE" in green prior to this time, or you WILL NOT be admitted into the clinic.
  • Check the Course Info link above for further details and instructions.

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: This class has online material that MUST be completed (and the system MUST say ONLINE COMPLETE in green highlight) prior to class. You WILL NOT be admitted in to the class if you have not completed the education and the system does not indicate ONLINE COMPLETE. Paper or email proof of completion is not accepted. There are no exceptions.

The HARD CUTOFF is two days before the clinic at 8PM to complete the online material. If you are not 100 complete then you will not be allowed to attend the clinic. Should this happen then you can wait for a later clinic or request your funds be reimbursed.

Accessing the Online Material:
After you have registered and paid for your class, log on and look in the Clinic Reservation box for a button labeled Online Lessons. This button will provide access to the online material. Click on that button and complete ALL modules. Completing all material will take approximatly 2-3 hours, so allow time to complete this. This material contains essential information that is part of your referee exam.

IMPORTANT: Read and follow the instructions CAREFULLY. Do not skip ahead in videos. Failure to carefully follow the instructions or skipping portions of videos may result in you not receiving credit for completing the item.

Further HELP can be found by going to this link:

This course will provide certification for the remainder of 2018 and for 2019 (badge will say 2019).

This class consists of both classroom and outdoor instruction on a field at the complex.
1. Bring paper and pencil for notes.
2. Bring dinner/snack and any drinks you may want. Food break time is approximate and there will not be an opportunity to leave and get lunch.
3. Bring shoes and clothing appropriate for light work on the soccer field (cleats not required). Dress for the expected weather conditions.
4. Bring your referee whistle.
There will be an exam at the end of class which must be passed to earn your license. Pay very close attention to the questions and answers during the online education.

If you need additional information, please email

SnVYSA In-House Ref Training

In House Referee Clinics

General Information

Persons who attend this training are eligible to officiate U9 through U12 recreational matches. SnVYSA requires a 3 year age difference between the team's age and official's age (i.e., U9 players are 8, official needs to be 11). Interested persons are required to attend an in-house referee training each season and thereafter register with SnVYSA as a referee and then register with Game Officials (this is site where games will be posted for self-assignment).

Referees are limited to officiating 3 league matches in a given day. This may be increased for the end of the season U9/U10 tournament.

Referees are compensated for officiating U9 through U12 at the rate on the current pay scale posted on the website. Referees may not self-assign, nor will be compensated, for officiating matches in which family members are playing or coaching. Compensation occurs twice during the season - after week 5 and at the conclusion of the season. Referees are required to complete post match reports (enter game scores and pertinent game remarks for the RefAdmin) in a timely manner (no later than 48 hours post match) in order for games to process to payment.

2018 Clinics

Pre-registration is required. All sessions begin promptly at 7:00 PM. Please bring paper and pencil. Referees will receive a t-shirt to be worn during matches and a whistle.

July 18 … MacDonald Park, Carnation. Meet at picnic tables at south parking area.

July 23 … Community Park, Snoqualmie (by YMCA). Meet by the picnic table at the south end of the restroom/equipment building.

August 1 … Fall City Elementary School. Meet under covered area. May wish to bring a chair.

Pre-registration: Please send an email to with the following information …

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date of the clinic you wish to attend
  • T-shirt size
  • If you are a player, the name of your team
  • If you are a coach, the Club, age and name of your team

If you have questions or need additional information, email