Q: How do I contact the SnVYSA Referee Coordinator

A: referees@snvysa.org

Q: How much do referees get paid for working matches?

A: For the 2013 Fall recreational season, the referee fees or pay rates will be: (no change from the 2010 levels):

Age level

Association Trained Referee

USSF Grade 8 referee

U6 - U8

None (volunteer)

None (volunteer)














Note: At U6-U8 level, the team coaches are strongly encouraged to recruit 1-2 volunteer referees to attend the referee training
clinic. Referees are not assigned to U6-U8 level matches via the SnVYSA web site - the home team coach should be providing the referee volunteers

Q: What about refereeing older level matches?

A: For U13 and older level matches, center and assistant referees must have their Grade 8 certificate, and the match assignments and
referee evaluations are handled by the East King County Soccer Referee Association (www.ekcsra.org).

Q: Where do I go to find out more about becoming a SnVYSA referee?


  1. For more information about the the SnVYSA referee program, click here: (http://referees.snvysa.org/refereeprogram)
  2. For more information about becoming a Grade 8 referee, see the following:

3) For an Introduction to the in-association referee training clinic, click here:

Q: Are there any resources that volunteer referees can use?

A: Yes - see the following links: