SnVYSA Standard Uniform Kits for Recreational Teams


This year Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association has enhanced our uniform policy across our organization. This new policy allows our Recreational club to be consistent amongst our association, and promotes our youth teams and our identity. This new standard will apply to the teams playing in the U11- U19 age brackets. We transitioned our younger age bracket teams (U6-10) to a standard uniform jersey (reversible) for our association 3 years ago - therefore this age bracket is unaffected.

Starting this 2013 Recreational Soccer Fall season please see the following expectations by age bracket:

  • U11 teams: All U11 teams will be REQUIRED to purchase the standard uniform kit
  • U12 - U19 teams: For any team planning to purchase uniforms for the 2013 season, we ask that you order the new uniform kit for your teams. In order to be considerate of team expenses, we will allow use of prior year's uniforms another year. Next year (2014 season) ALL teams will be required to utilize the association standard uniform kit.



We are excited to be able to offer a complete youth soccer uniform kit which includes the following:

  • Jersey in lime/black which includes the including SnVYSA chest SVYSA logo & player number printed on the back
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Socks

Please see click the uniform sizing form link for sizing information for your player.


The standard uniform kit pricing will depend upon the player sizes. If you purchase jersey and shorts all within the same sizing group, expect the following pricing.

  • YOUTH SIZES: $18.95
  • ADULT SIZES: $19.95

Players will be able to order kits that contain Youth and Adult sizes (ie: YL short and AS jersey) - for those circumstances, total kit cost may be higher than what is listed above.


We have selected Protime Sports as the vendor provider for our uniform kits. For the 2013 season, teams will be accountable to collect player ordering needs, complete the Team Order Form, and place their order and payment directly with Protime Sports.

  • · Protime Sports
  • · Contact: John Moore, 1-800-575-1603

The Ordering form will be mailed directly to team coaches and managers.


The original order for stock items will be delivered complete within three weeks of receipt of order. If you need product earlier every reasonable provision will be made to make sure you have uniforms for game day. Teams will be able to specify if they want the entire order mailed to a single location, or to individual player address (please note that this option may incur a higher shipping fee).


If you have any specific questions or need additional information, please, attention Keely Weidenbach, or you can reach out directly to your Recreation Club Representative.

Uniform Kit Ordering Information


Below is the link to the Order form for the SnVYSA standardized uniforms kits for the U11-U19 teams.   Please note that the form has some cells locked (uniform/short/sock style) to ensure teams stay with ordering our chosen style.   Picture is also shown of the uniform kit.  All contact information for Protime sports is listed on form for coaches/team managers.


  1. Coaches or Team Manager/Helper: complete the order form, with contact information, shipping information etc
  2. Coaches or Team Manager/Helper collect each team members size for jersey & shorts
  3. Coaches or Team Manager/Helper collect Uniform Fee from each player
  4. Coaches or Team Manager/Helper complete the form, by player, with sizing information for jersey & shorts, assigning numbers by each player
  5. Coaches or Team Manager/Helper email or call in order to ProTime Sports  :  email: Phone:  Toll Free: 800-575-1603
  6. Coaches or Team Manager will need to provide credit card payment information.
  7. Protime Sports will directly ship to designated address and contact on form (approx. 3 week turnaround time)

Team Uniform Order Form