Parent & Spectator Code of Conduct
For ALL SnVYSA Parents and other Adults
  1. The Association is in operation for the benefit of the children and the manner in which you conduct yourself has a direct effect on the Association's ability to provide a positive experience for the children who participate.
  2. Your children will model what they see you do. Be a positive role model. Do not embarrass or humiliate them or yourself.
  3. Encourage good sportsmanship at all times by setting a positive example for any child participating in any activity associated with the Association.
  4. Encourage the voluntary participation of your child. Do not force them to participate.
  5. Have your children participate with the understanding that the Association is not providing a babysitting service. If your children are going to participate in the activities of the Association, then you also need to volunteer to do something to ensure the success of your child's experience.
  6. Remember this: everyone associated with the Association, whether a board member, manager, coach, or referee, is a volunteer. They are taking time out of their lives to provide a sporting opportunity for your child. Rest assured that each of them is doing the best they can. If you feel you can do it better, you are welcome to volunteer.
  7. Learn the rules of the game and support the referees and Association officials in the enforcement of those rules.
  8. Do not criticize the other team's players, coaches, or fans. Teach your child to do the same.
  9. Unless you are ready to volunteer to be a referee, do not criticize the referees.
  10. Do not be a "sideline coach".
  11. If something occurs with which you disagree, calmly seek an appropriate solution, at the appropriate time. Instigating or participating in a confrontation in front of any of the children will not be allowed.
  12. Insure that your child will be on time for and attend all practices and games. When not possible, provide adequate notification to the coach and/or manager.
  13. Likewise, commit to being there when it is time to pick up your child.
  14. Refrain from directing any abusive or profane language toward anyone associated with the game.
  15. Keep the proper perspective. This is youth soccer and there are no professional scouts on the sidelines. Always remember, the overall objective is to provide a fun, sports oriented experience for your children