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Santa Krieble and Bud Raisio Are Retiring After A Combined 63 Years Of Dedicated Service!

Dear SnVYSA Members,

We are writing to inform you that Santa Krieble and Bud Raisio, two of our long-standing and cherished board members, recently retired from SnVYSA. 

Santa Krieble volunteered with SnVYSA for 35 years and Bud Raisio for 28 years. We are sad to see them leave and very thankful for their combined 63 years of dedication and hard work with SnVYSA supporting youth soccer in our valley.

Santa began volunteering in 1984 when there were 600 SnVYSA players. She had questions that no one had answers for so she stepped up to help.

She has been involved in every role possible, for example:  she has lined fields, hung and removed nets, coached, been the Alt Commissioner for D2, a Grade 8 Referee, sat on the D2 Disciplinary Board, managed honey buckets, and handled field rentals.  No job was too big or too small for Santa. 

She is most recently known for her involvement with Cascade FC.  Santa and her husband Chuck, created Cascade Select in 1989.  At that time, they saw a community desire for a higher level of competition. 

Santa is a treasured board member and historian who has helped train and educate us all.

Bud began volunteering in 1991 after he responded to an article in the Snoqualmie Valley Record stating that if more volunteers did not step up, soccer would be dissolved in the valley.  At that time, registration had skyrocketed but volunteer support had not.

Bud too has held many roles on the board.  For example, he has been our go to field development guru, moved goals, coached and still coaches.  He has always been willing to help and do whatever is needed each season.  He has done all of this with genuine kindness and warmth.  He truly cares about the association, the board members, the players, our partners, and our community.

Cheers to Santa and Bud!   Thank you both for all of the time, energy, and dedication you have given SnVYSA! You will be greatly missed.


SnVYSA Board


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