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Referees Corner

Welcome to "Referees Corner", dedicated to provide SnVYSA's referees the training, tools, tips and information that will help you to referee.

SnVYSA has always had a need for both adult and youth referees.  You can be a highly trained referee, never officiated a single match, or never played a game of soccer before.

SnVYSA will assist you in getting the necessary training to reach your goals. We believe that our officials should work as hard as our players to become the best they can be.

Getting Started As A New Referee

Thank you for your interest in refereeing!  Refereeing youth soccer is a great experience. 

There is a lot of information to digest as a new referee and  SnVYSA wants to provide referees with the best experience.

Outlined below are the initial steps to getting started as a referee: