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George Taylor

Director of Coaching, Head Coach; B10 Green, B08 Green, B04Green

Sophie Harris

Director of Operations, Head Coach;G08 Green

Rodney Greiling

Goalkeeper Academy Coach

Josh Lewis

Programs Director, Head Coach; G09 Green, B07 Green, B06 Green

Rob Taylor

Head Coach; B11 Green, G10 Green

Shane Wakefield

Head Coach; G07 Green, G06 Green

Cam Scott

Head Coach: B12 Green, B09 Green, G11 Green

Brendon Wheeler

Head Coach; G05 Green

Travis Locking

Head Coach: Camps and Clinics

Taylor Warnke

Head Coach; G04 Green

Allie Galoob

Head Coach; G10 White

James Gladwin

Head Coach; B13 Green, B13 White

Riley Burke

Head Coach; B12 White, B11 White, B10 White, B10 Black

Teams By Coach - 2021/22 Season

Boys Team Coach Girls Team Coach
Boys 2013 Green James Gladwin Girls 2013 Green Shane Wakefield
Boys 2013 White James Gladwin Girls 2011 Green Cam Scott
Boys 2012 Green Cam Scott Girls 2010 Green Rob Taylor
Boys 2012 White Riley Burke Girls 2010 White Allie Galoob
Boys 2011 Green Rob Taylor Girls 2009 Green Josh Lewis
Boys 2011 White Riley Burke Girls 2008 Green Sophie Harris
Boys 2010 Green George Taylor Girls 2007 Green Shane Wakefield
Boys 2010 White Riley Burke Girls 2006 Green Shane Wakefield
Boys 2010 Black Riley Burke Girls 2005 Green Brendon Wheeler
Boys 2009 Green Cam Scott Girls 2004 Green Taylor Warnke/Trevor Morris
Boys 2008 Green George Taylor
Boys 2007 Green Josh Lewis
Boys 2006 Green Josh Lewis
Boys 2004 Green George Taylor

Coach Application Process

If you are interested in an opportunity to coach with Cascade FC, please fill out a coach application with enclosed resume and email to Sophie Harris, Cascade FC Director of Operations.

Sophie Harris

Sophie Harris

Cascade FC Director of Operations