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Long Term Player Development Model

Long Term Player Development Model

Our LTPDM is the player pathway of development at Cascade FC. Leading players toward high school soccer, college soccer, and other levels of the game which allow an individual to achieve their overall soccer goals.

The LTPDM also outlines the CFC Club development pillars; club culture, playing philosophy, player development, training, and coach methodology.

Each stage has detail of the formations we play, the positions we develop and the playing principles and individual attributes that we teach. Each stage progresses onto the next, adding more depth and detail and ensuring there is continuity with every age group.

The LTPDM is used when coaches evaluate players, we can see if a player is achieving the playing principles, and attributes in their stage, if they are excelling, or if there are areas of focus.

The LTPDM is also a guideline to what tournaments each teams compete in. Our Developmental stages will be entering jamborees, Progressive & Competition will be playing in sanctioned tournaments helping them with league placement. And Placement/Showcase will be competing in showcase tournaments promoting themselves to college coaches.