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Financial Aid Process

Online Financial Aid Overview:

Assistance to defray the costs associated with the association registration fees are available on a very limited basis using the income eligibility guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.
Financial assistance does not cover uniform costs, tournament fees, travel costs or other miscellaneous team costs associated with participation on the team. Participants are required to pay all costs in excess of the assistance provided, either in full at time of registration or remain current if making payments. Should a player choose to transfer out of the association at any time, their remaining financial obligation must be paid in full before SnVYSA will release them to play elsewhere.


Please refer to the Income Eligibility Chart below as a guideline to determine whether you may be eligible for financial aid assistance. SnVYSA understands that families may currently be experiencing some unique circumstances that should be considered in addition to the household income. If your current tax year household income exceeds the salary levels on the Income Eligibility Chart, please include information in your registration financial aid application describing the nature of your hardship.

Participation In Team & Association Activities:

Players receiving financial aid assistance are expected to participate fully on the team. This means attendance is mandatory at all practices, games, tournaments, and team social functions unless arrangements are made with your coach. In short, you are expected to be a good teammate.
Parents of players receiving financial aid assistance are encouraged to find opportunities to volunteer on their team. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available.

Online Registration & Required Documents:

Please make sure you have filled out all the required information  for financial aid completely and provided  all documents in order to be considered for financial aid during the online registration process.

  • A completed Financial Aid Application
  • A copy of your Current Tax Year Income Tax Return (1040 or 1040EZ) and copies of your W-2 forms

Please be aware that incomplete applications -- such as applications that are not supported by a copy of a Federal Income Tax return – may not be considered.

Notification Of Financial Aid Availability:

You will be notified whether or not financial aid assistance is available prior to team formation should your child be approved. This enables parents to make an informed decision regarding their ability to make the financial commitment required to participate on the team.

NOTE:  Your child will not be placed on a team until the association registrar has APPROVED your application.  Simply filling out the required information and submitting all documents does not guarantee your child a spot on a team.

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