Team Placement

Competition: What level of competition should my child play at?
The “level” that a player should play at to participate in one of SnVYSA's soccer programs depends on a combination of their age and the players competition or ability level.  The SnVYSA Recreational program starts at age 5 and the competitive Cascade FC Select and Premier programs start at age 8.

For more information on understanding which program may be a good fit for your child go to Parents Corner.

Age Division: What age division should my child play at? 
Your child will be placed by their birth year.  Please reference the 
Birth Year chart  to view the appropriate age division for your players age.  

Preschool Age: I have a 4 year old, can he/she play in the recreational program?
At this time, the association has reached a maximum capacity for field availability and can only accommodate a certain number of teams.  As of 2014, SnVYSA no longer supports a U5 division for 4 year old players. 

Play Up: I have a player that would like to play in an age-group different than what his/her birthday allows, can he/she "Play-Up" a year?
A player can request to play-up one age group. However any such request will be considered on an individual basis and consideration to play-up will be based on the following factors:

a.) There is room in the older age group for the move. No age appropriate player will be removed or denied placement on a team if they register on time, to make room for someone requesting to play-up.

b.) The reason for the request - if your player is placed in a higher grade level in school for their age bracket and they are requesting to play with other players in their same grade.

c.) The effect that the move will have on an existing team. If your player is already assigned to a team, and then decides to 'play-up', having that player move to another team cannot jeopardize the viability of the original assigned team.

If there is no room in the older age group, the player may elect to be placed on a wait list (there is no guarantee that the player will be placed at the older age group level), or they may elect to play at their same age group level.

Coach Requests: Can I request a specific coach?
For the U6 – U8 teams: there is no guarantee for a team or coach assignment, these teams are formed based on school, geography and player numbers.  

For U9 -U12 teams: these teams will remain with their prior year coach/team when possible.  In the event there are not enough returning players, new players will be added to the team based on school, geography and registration date.  

For U13 and older teams: these teams will remain with their prior year coach/team when possible.  In the event there are not enough returning players, teams will be formed based on player numbers and may be comprised of players from multiple towns to form a team.

Coaches will be announced with player team assignments. 

Team Request: Can I roll-up with my coach and team year after year?
For U6/U7/U8 ages: There is no guarantee that teams will be kept together. At this level, teams are formed based on school and geography.
For U9 and up: Every effort is made to keep teams together based on coaches and number of players returning.

Team Placement: When will my child be placed on a team? 
A player will not be placed on a team until full payment has been made and applied to their registration.   Players registering after May 31st are waitlisted and will be placed on teams if there is room available.

Coach Communication: When should I hear from a coach about my child's team? 
You should expect to hear from your child’s coach mid-July. If you don’t hear from them by July 25th, please reach out to your local
Club Representative.