What does year-round soccer look like with Cascade FC?

Month Description
Apr-May Try-outs last week of April, first two weeks of May
May Team meetings, date TBD by coach
June-December 2 practices per week for 1.5 hours(Dec break based on game schedule)
June-August Summer tournaments, generally 3-4
August-November Girls U16+ teams break for Girl's HS season
September-December Fall; "league" games; Saturday or Sunday
January-April 2 practices per week for 1.5 hours
January-April Winter/Spring; "league" games; Saturday or Sunday
January-February Founders Cup/Presidents Cup, (HS boys) tournament play
February Mid Feb, all Boys U16+ team season ends (for Boy's HS season)
April-May State Presidents Cup
April-May Late April/early May - Tryouts for next season

In this time frame, players will attend:

  • 2 days of team trainings per week, each 1.5 hrs
  • 1 day of Player Technical Training (PTT) for 1 hr

Teams are expected to compete in:

  • Two to Four tournaments (team dependent, most in summer, may have one in fall or winter)
  • Twelve(12) fall season games, in either North Puget Sound League(NPSL), RCL, or Jr. RCL
  • State "Founders" (Jan/Feb) or "Presidents" Cup (April/May)
  • Six spring season games, in either North Puget Sound League, RCL, or Jr. RCL

Additionally, the club offers players:

  • Goalkeeping technical practice
  • Long Term Player Development Model
  • Playing philosophy
  • Playing principles
  • Goalkeeper philosophy
  • Curriculum season planner
  • Coaching curriculum & coaching manual
  • Training methodology
  • Player evaluation & player development plans
  • Coach evaluation
  • Playing in college program