Player Protocols

•    Take temperature daily. Monitor and talk to parent about how you feel.
•    Wash hands thoroughly before and after training and any contact outside your home.
•    Bring and use hand sanitizer with you at every training session. Especially at the beginning and end of sessions.
•    Ensure your carpool has sufficient physical distancing and sterilization. Maintain the physical distance during rides, and wear cloth mask
•    Wear cloth mask to and from training field.
•    Ensure you know your training group, its location on the field, and the entrance and exit points for your field.
•    Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment.
•    Bring your own ball to training, label it as your own.
•    Practice social distancing and place bags and other equipment at least 6 feet apart from your teammates’ equipment during sessions.
•    Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every training session.
•    No group celebrations with players closer than six feet, no high fives, hugs, cheers, etc.
•    Follow entrance and exit plans for Jeanne Hansen Park and Chief Kanim Middle School fields.

Player Steps – day of training
1.    At home, use restroom and wash hands thoroughly before leaving.
2.    Have bag packed with personal water bottle, hand sanitizer, and bring own soccer ball (correct size;  U9-U12 – Size 4.  U13-U18 – Size 5) 
3.    5-10 mins prior to training time, leave car fully ready to play with cloth mask on, covering nose/mouth, and all gear on (shin guards, cleats, etc.). 
4.    Walk to the “Entrance” that its outlined on the JHP and CKMS map for your field.
5.    Keep 6 feet of separation between you and other players walking to entrance.
6.    Meet volunteer. They will ask you if you have felt sick in the last 2 weeks. They will also spray front and back of player’s hands with hospital-grade hand sanitizer.
7.    Walk to your designated training area on the field, staying to the outside of track, and 6 feet away from other players.  
8.    Your coach will greet you and give further instructions. If another team is on field, be patient, remain off training area, and stay physically distanced around training area with cloth mask on.
9.    Once coach invites you on the field and into your training area, you may remove your cloth mask and place in bag or leave around your neck. Keep bags near your coned workspace and 6 feet apart from other bags.
10.    Have soccer ball and follow coach instructions for individual player-designated areas of training.
11.    During training session, do not handle cones or other equipment, even your own ball.  Always use feet with balls.
12.    Ask coach to retrieve ball that may go outside your designated play space.
13.    Coach will take you through a socially distanced training session. During Phase 2, there will not be scrimmages nor play with physical contact.
14.    Once training is complete, retrieve your ball, walk to your bag, sanitize your hands, and put on cloth mask.
15.    Walk to your field’s designated “Exit”, keep 6 feet of separation between you and other players, and walk directly to your car. 
16.    Upon returning home, please wash hands thoroughly, and wash or sanitize all training gear, including ball and cleats.