Parents Protocols

•    Ensure their player is healthy prior to each practice session by asking player and checking their temperature daily.
•    Not utilize carpooling, or ensure carpool has sufficient physical distancing and sterilization.
•    Stay in car or near car when at training. Always maintain social distancing and wear a mask if outside your car.
•    Ensure child’s clothing is washed and all equipment, cleats, ball, shin guards, etc. are sanitized after every training session.
•    Label your child’s equipment (ball, water bottle, etc) to guard against cross-contamination.
•    Notify the COVID-19 site coordinator immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason and do not bring them into contact with coaches or other players.
•    Do not assist coaches with equipment before or after training.
•    Be sure your child has necessary sanitizer and cleaning supplies with them at every training.
•    Remind your player to use restroom and wash hands prior to leaving home.
•    Have your player fully prepared to play (shin guards on, cleats on, bag packed, ball, etc.) prior to leaving car.
•    Ensure player knows their training group, its location on the field, and the entrance and exit points for their field.
•    Have player wear a mask when walking from car to training field, as well as returning to car afterward.

•    Drop player off no earlier than 30 minutes prior to kickoff.
•    Do not loiter around field. Avoid gathering of people.
•    No parent or player that is sick or has signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should
•    attend.
•    Spectators should not touch any game day equipment, including balls, cones, goals, etc.