Volunteer Duties

Club contacts (text, call, or email):
COVID-19 Site Coordinator:    Sophie Harris   (425) 241-0149   sophieh@cascadefc.org
Director of Coaching:        George Taylor  (206) 792-6289   georget@cascadefc.org

2 parent volunteers are required at every practice.  Please RSVP in SE App.  Thank you!

Step-By-Step Instructions For Volunteers:
•    Cloth Mask are required at every field, anytime you are outside of your car.
•    20 minutes prior to practice time, please be at your field and designated Volunteer area (“V” on field map) at your team’s field entrance. You may have your player stand with you until allowed on field.
•    At entrance to your team’s field, locate the other Volunteer.
•    During practice, remain off turf field but please act as “eyes” (player staying 6 feet away from others, remaining in their coned spaces, not chasing balls, not using their hands, etc.)
•    Let coach know if player handled equipment (cones, balls, etc.) so it can be removed for cleaning.
•    Do not handle equipment yourself; only use feet or have coach handle.
•    Remain near entrance and help next volunteer if needed.
•    Leave spray at entrance area.

Choose duty:
Volunteer 1:    

  • Greet each player. 
  • Inquire about their health over the last few day.
  • Help keep a socially distanced line to enter. 
  • Ask if they know which field they are on, and if they know how they walk there. 
  • Help with Exit.

If any player says they do not feel well or had fever, pull aside. Once all players are on, please walk player back car, or ask coach for contact. Additionally, Text Sophie 425-241-0149

Volunteer 2:    

  • Find the spray bottle with hospital-grade hand sanitizer (at entrance),
  • Spray the front and back of both hands of player before they enter field.
  • Remind each player as they enter field that they have to wait outside of the play area until the coach invites them on the field on and to their coned area.
  • Make sure player follow the correct traffic flow. (outside for Entering, inside for Exiting), based on fields maps.
  • Help with Exit.