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Practice Protocol

For King County Phase 2

Jeanne Hansen Community Park and Chief Kanim Middle School

COVID-19 Site Coordinator: Sophie Harris   

phone: (425) 241-0149, email:

Know Your Role ~ Know The Protocols

The following best practices are intended to offer guidance from Washington Youth Soccer to the soccer community. Adherence to these considerations and recommendations does not ensure immunity from exposure. Washington Youth Soccer makes no representations and assumes no responsibility for individual activity or participation decisions by Associations, Clubs, Coaches, Parents, or Players.

Please read through Cascade FC’s Jeanne Hansen Park (JHP) and Chief Kanim Middle School (CKMS) player health & safety practice protocols and follow to the best of your ability for the sake of the whole. This is not a time to voice/show beliefs or opinions. Just as we Honor the Game in soccer, we choose to partner with our Governor and local officials and follow all mandates to ensure the safety of all in our community. Cloth Masks will be required for everyone while at JHP and CKMS, except on players during their training session. This requires commitment by all involved.


General Guidelines

1.    Be smart: if you are sick, stay home. This applies to everyone: players, coaches, and parents. If you have been sick, stay home for 14 days after recovery.
2.    CFC staff and volunteers (2 separate areas) will greet all participants before practice and ask if they have been sick in the last 14 days or in direct contact with a person who is sick. CFC will send home immediately if the answer is “yes.” 
3.    Sanitize: Hand washing before leaving home, and after all activities is a must. CFC staff or volunteers will use hand sanitizing spray on players hands before entering the field. Player must have personal hand sanitizer when leaving field.
4.    5 player maximum number allowed in phase 2. 
5.    No physical “opposed” play:  All drills and training will not have physical contact between players. Coaches will facilitate soccer activities to the individual within their own “coned” space to eliminate physical contact, and spaced for proper social distancing.
6.    No high-fives, handshakes, or hugs. 
7.    Cloth Masks: coaches will wear a cloth mask before, during, and after practice. Players will wear a cloth mask, covering mount & nose, to and from the field, however not during practice activities. 
8.    Drop-off/pick-up: Parents should remain in or around car for drop-off and pick-up. All spectators must remain 6 feet apart and be wearing a cloth mask.
9.    Parent volunteers and posted JHP and CKMS facility maps will help with walking traffic to maintain social distancing to and from practice areas. 
10.    Water bottles: to minimize accidental sharing of water, players must keep their water bottle in their own bag when not in use. 
11.    Have fun, stay positive: everyone is looking to each other to stay calm, supportive, and compassionate during this time.

Protocol by Role

Jeanne Hansen Community Park

Chief Kanim MIddle School

**schematics are not to scale, click on photo to enlarge

King County Resources for COVID-19 information and testing

King County Health, COVID-19 24-hr response line:  (206) 477-3977

Covid-19 Testing

Coronavirus Disease

WYS Membership Questions and Answers

Q. Is it even safe for players to wear masks and play at the same time? Especially in any kind of heat?

A. Understanding that masks can inhibit a player's ability to breathe during exercise, players will only be required to wear masks to and from the field.

Q. Do we limit drill time for contact drills?

A. In the initial Phase 2 and 3 plans, we encourage non-contact activities, and instead focus on technical and tactical. For training sessions, clubs will be encouraged to have their players engage in non-contact activities until a full return to play is better known.

Q. Can we use kick ins? No handling of the ball except for GK wearing gloves.

A. This would be at the directive of USYS as the governing body.

Q. What will be the role of WA Youth Soccer?

A. WYS will advise clubs on best practices.

Q. If not soon then, why, when statistics clearly demonstrate at this point that healthy youth are no more likely to succumb to protracted health issues from COVID-19 than any other illness, are we to be expected to radically alter our way of life to a "new normal" both within and without the circle of soccer?

A. Because kids can be carriers, and will interact with other at-risk individuals, they may pass the virus on to others unknowingly. Additionally, just as we Honor the Game in soccer, which means following the rules even when you can get away without following them, we choose to partner with our Governor and local officials and follow all mandates to insure the safety of all in our community.

Q. Should parents be allowed to stay and watch games when they commence?

A. Yes, but we ask that they wear masks and social distance, according to current phase of return to play. Phase 3 has a max of 50 people at events, as long as it’s under 50% capacity for the venue.

Q. Should adaptations to rules be made (eg. no throw-ins, no heading) to reduce chance of transmission?

A. WYS will follow CDC guidelines and USYS directives regarding the transmission of the virus.

Q. There have been discussions around taking temperatures of players and attendees prior to attending sporting events. What does this look like?

A. WYS recommends that parents monitor and check temperatures prior to sending children to practice.

Q. Are there going to be any safety precautions for the referees?

A. Referees will follow the same protocol as players.